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General info Argentina
Argentina is a land of extremes, its frenzied urban centers dramatically contrasting with endless workings fields, deserted plateaus, virgin jungles and Alpine mountain villages. Despite geographical diversity, the one common thread is that Argentineans possess a curiosity, passion, and fervor for life, most visible when it comes to football, the national obsession. The Tango, gauchos and estancias are the country's clichéd attractions, but what strikes visitors most is that life here is for living.
Referred to as a the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is a sophisticated metropolis brimming with character and an outstanding spot for cultural activities, shopping or simply watching the world go by. Nightlife is second to none and the restaurants are a food-lover's delight.
Argentina's numerous national parks teem with wildlife and incredible vistas, while the colossal Perito Moreno Glacier and Iguazú Falls are natural wonders.
Endless touring opportunities abound in the south, where Patagonia can be stunningly barren, gelid and mystifying or lusciously green.
The Andes offer breath-taking sceneries, lush vineyards and first-rate wines.
To the Northwest, the eerie, majestically inhospitable landscapes of Salta and Jujuy allow visitors to peek into the country's pre-Hispanic life, culture and traditions.
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