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Welcome to Southern Lands, a truly unique travel agency. As the travelers that we are, we prefer another way of traveling. We know that each visitor has his/her own interests and needs, and that the goal should always be for all travelers to take the trip of their dreams. Therefore, we offer tailor-made itineraries, and, because we love what we do and have dedicated many years of our lives to improve our knowledge of the region, we like to consider ourselves craftsmen of travel. We’re uninterested in simply being a service provider: our business is to create unique experiences.
We are a group of dynamic young professionals with firsthand knowledge of the destinations we offer, and we have carried out a thorough investigation of the best hotels and restaurants. At each destination, we have designed activities that allow you to relax, enjoy, and share experiences in nature and with nature.
We have a team of specialists prepared to meet any requirement, as well as an excellent staff of guides in every language -- professionals in the areas of history, philosophy, the arts, architecture and literature.
As experienced travelers, we consider ourselves to be sophisticated and demanding, and so are our passengers. We like to be directly involved, and we don’t just limit ourselves to designing the best itinerary. Rather, we like being where things happen: we like to think of ourselves as the hosts of our visitors, as if we were inviting them into our own homes.
We’re proud to be South American, and we hope you’ll share this fascination with the continent, choosing Southern Lands as a gateway to South America: to experience tango in Argentina, the beaches of Brazil, the Inca culture in Peru and wines in Chile. We hope you’ll choose to travel with us -- but above all, that you’ll recommend us to your friends. You’ll love it: you have our word!