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Southern Lands
Lands offers truly as travel?
Because you'll be assigned a personal host, who'll meet you at the airport, and take care of everything you might need, from helping you with your luggage, to restaurant and theater reservations, from arrival to departure, so that the only thing you'll have to worry about is having a terrific time.
Because we have carefully selected only the best hotels in Argentina, those that not only provide great service, but also leave the lasting memory of a unique experience. According to your taste and convenience, we can provide you with cozy boutique or massive, state-of-the-art options, all first-rate.
Because a gastronomic advisor has helped us to choose for you only those few restaurants that are truly one of a kind. We'll also be more than happy to let you know of the best places, depending on your palate and preferences (i.e.: regional, international or ethnic cuisine) or habits (vegetarian, vegan or kosher food).
Because we customize our private tours down to the last detail, in order to suit our demanding visitors' needs and preferences.
Because instead of having different guides for every tour, you'll be assigned a personal guide in each destination. Besides being proficient in every language you may speak, all of our tour guides are college graduates, majoring in History, Arts, Architecture, Philosophy and Literature.
Because not only for tours, but for transfers as well, we employ only the most comfortable, state-of-the art vehicles. Needless to say, as with the guides, our experienced drivers are personally assigned to each visitor throughout the destination. And as for transportation in the country, we're prepared to offer you regular airline flights, private jets, helicopters, or anything you may fancy.